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Main activities of TIMET:

-  development and production of the equipment for radiating control and  nuclear measurements:

  • for environmental monitoring
  • in agro industrial sector
  • radiological emergency response
  • scientific researches
  • in the industry and nuclear power, etc

-  development of the software for systems of radiating control and monitoring systems

-  deliveries of a wide range of the radio isotope equipment to the territory of Republic of Belarus

-  development of methodical support materials and research in the field of radiating control

Year of foundation: 1992

Participation in joint projects for overcoming of consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear accident with governmental authorities and enterprises:

  • Department for Elimination of Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident
  • State Center for Radiation Control and Environmental Monitoring
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • institute of Nuclear Problems at the Belarusian State University

The equipment corresponds to the exiting standards in the territory of Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

All equipment passes check on compliance to the declared metrological characteristic in the Belarusian State Institute of Metrology.

  • 11.03.13
    IAEA training

    On March 11, 2013 we conducted regional training courses for radiation protection and safety of ionizing radiation sources within the framework of IAEA international aid

  • 14.02.13
    Sovetnik 2.0

    The MKS-01 Sovetnik series user interface is now also available in Japanese language.