Alpha/beta radiometer UMF-2000 for low level activity measurements

  • Альфа-бета радиометр для измерения малых активностей УМФ-2000


Low background alpha/beta radiometer with silicon detector. The radiometer is widely used for low level activity measurements by alpha and beta counting. It is recommended for measurement of gross alpha and beta activity in natural and drinking waters.

Brochure UMF-2000
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Download | PDF


  • measurement of gross activity of alpha-emitting radionuclides in thick and thin samples;
  • measurement of activity of beta-emitting radionuclides in samples of foodstuffs, soil, water, as well as of filters and samples prepared by the selective radiochemical extraction;
  • measurement of activity of alpha-emitting radionuclides in samples prepared by the selective radiochemical extraction (relative procedures are necessary).


  • simultaneous measurement of alpha/beta activities in the sample;
  • available options for surface area of the installed detector: 500 or 1000 mm2;
  • active anti-coincidence background substraction using gas discharge detectors (GM tubes);
  • passive lead shielding from background gamma radiation;
  • protection from power line disturbances;
  • timer and two channels (alpha, beta) for separate counting of pulses from the detector;
  • spectrometric output (after preamplifier);
  • basic software for UMF-2000;
  • measurement of 210Po and 210Pb in soil and water samples;


Detector type:
semiconductor silicon
Detector surface area:
500, 1000 mm2
Range of measured activity
alpha emitting radionuclides: 0,01 – 1000 Bq
beta emitting radionuclides: 0,1 – 3000 Bq
Energy range
alpha particles: 3500 – 10000 keV
beta particles: 50 – 3500 keV
Relative measurement error: ±15 %
Background count rate
in alpha channel: no more than 0,001 с-1
in beta channel (detector surface area 500 mm2): no more than 0,03 с-1
in beta channel (detector surface area 1000 mm2): no more than 0,07 с-1
Error of count intervals:
no more than 0,0001 s
Thickness of lead shielding:
30 mm
220(+22, -33)V, 50(±1) Hz
Dimensions, weight:
337×286×190 mm, 22,0 kg

Complete set

  • radiometer “UMF-2000”;
  • planchet – 10 items;
  • data cable;
  • check source;
  • interface converter MOXA;
  • software “UMF-2000” (for Windows) offers a convenient way to work with UMF-2000 using personal computer;
  • data sheet and operation manual.


  • additional planchets;
  • computer and printer;
  • a tool for measuring filters AFA (for UMF-2000 with the total area of the detector 1000 cm2);
  • reference sources;