Alpha Spectrometer αmber-8

  • Альфа спектрометр αmber-8


Alpha Spectrometer is designed to transform alpha-particle energies into electrical signals, their amplification, filtration, and transformation into spectral lines and their acquisition for spectral analysis with determination of the intensities of spectral lines. Bench top alpha spectrometer α8 contains 8 measurement chambers, which allows for simultaneous analysis of up to eight samples. Every Alpha spectrometer chamber includes alpha particle detector, pressure sensor and preamplifier of signals from alpha detector.
Brochure Alpha Spectrometer αmber
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  • Device management using specialized software installed on a PC
  • Built-in multi-channel analyzer
  • Sample diameter up to 50 mm.


  • Thin detector input window
  • High energy resolution
  • High registration efficiency of alpha- radiation
  • Ability to install silicon detectors up to 1200 sq. mm


  • Adjustable distance from sample to detector 4 – 48 mm.
  • Stainless steel vacuum chambers
  • Automatic shutdown of high voltage when the pressure in the vacuum chamber decreases


Energy range of detector operation, MeV:
3 – 8
Instrumental background, cps/hour:
< 2
Maximum input count rate, cps:
Detector sensitive area, mm2:
Detector thickness, µm:
Detector bias voltage, V:
Energy resolution for 5.49 MeV, keV:
< 20
Absolute detection efficiency at the distance of 5 mm from the sensitive area of the detector, %:
> 20
Formation time constant, µs:
Coarse and fine change of an amplification coefficient:
up to 500
Regulation of zeroes and poles:
Lifetime correction:
Ability to work with a preamplifier with impulse feedback:
Auto recovery of zero line:
Gain stability %/с:
< 0.0075
Integral nonlinearity, %:
< 0.025

Complete set

  • Eight alpha spectrometry chambers with preamplifiers, electronics, valves, etc.
  • Eight alpha-particle detectors
  • Built-in spectrometric device
  • Vacuum pump
  • Data acquisition and PC interface device
  • AlphaPRO analysis software
  • PC with emulation software
  • Documentation set