HPGe Spectrometer with Lead Shield

  • Лабораторный ОЧГ спектрометр с защитой


Spectrometers based on HPGe (high purity germanium) detectors are designed to detect gamma radiation in the energy range from 40 keV to 3 MeV for GCD models and from 3 keV to 3 MeV for GCDX models.

Brochure GCD HPGe Spectrometer
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Used to measure the specific gamma radiation of radionuclides from various types of environmental objects such as rocks, minerals, sludge, slag, soil, plant, sediment and particulate matter in air and water.



  • High efficiency of radiation detection
  • Radionuclide identification and determination of their specific activity
  • Separate and simultaneous measurement of activity of 100 radionuclides


  • Adopting precision gamma-spectrometry methods
  • Low level of instrumental background
  • Low threshold for radionuclide detection


  • Excellent peak symmetry
  • High count rate indicator
  • High energy rate up to 200000 MeV/sec
  • HV supply protection if detector is warm


Detection limit for 137Cs radionuclide specific activity, measurement time 1 hour, Bq/kg:
Absolute sensitivity to gamma flux for 30% efficient detector, pulse/quantum:
Instrumental background intensity for energy range from 40 keV to 3 MeV, pulse/keV x sec:
137Cs radionuclide specific activity measurement error for measurement time 1 hour, %:
Shield thickness:
lead wall, mm: 100
copper wall, mm: 10
AC power supply:
voltage, V: 220
frequency, Hz: 50
Weight, kg:
** Parameters can be improved by using low background materials for detector’s chamber, holder and other internal parts.

Complete set

  • Detection Unit based on HPGe p-type coaxial detector with relative efficiency 10% – 160%
  • Liquid nitrogen level monitor (LN2 Monitor)
  • Lead Shield for lower back signal with a support
  • Dewar vessel
  • Multi Channel Analyzer
  • Emulation and analysis Software SpectraLineGP


  • Software package NuclideMasterPlus
  • Advanced software package EffMaker
  • Liquid nitrogen filling station
  • Electrical drive for lead shield lid