TIM-601 Gamma Radiation Monitor

  • Радиометр-дозиметр МКС-01М Советник


Portable high sensitive multifunctional instrument, based on a large-volume scintillation detector, is designed to measure:

  • Specific activity 137Cs in environmental objects in various geometries (Bq/kg)
  • Ambient dose rate equivalent of gamma radiation (µSv/h)
  • Count rate in energy windows 137Cs, 134Cs , 40K, and in the full range of detected gamma radiation (cps)
  • Soil surface contamination density 137Cs (Ku/km2)
Brochure TIM-601 Gamma Radiation Monitor
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  • In vivo radiometry of cattle, horses
  • Control of the content of 137Cs in samples of various substances without using a lead shield
  • Operative radiation monitoring of 137Cs content in batches of wild berries and mushrooms
  • Radiometric monitoring of environmental objects at their location
  • Determination of the homogeneity of a batch of products by the distribution of 137Cs
  • Radiation monitoring of scrap metal
  • Detection and localization of gamma radiation sources and radioactively contaminated materials



  • Hight sensitivity
  • Large crystal, NaI(Tl), ø63х63 mm.
  • Spectra processing and calculation values ​​by “energy windows” method


  • Spectrum stabilization by 40K
  • Check the energy calibration
  • Easy to use
  • Methodological support of measurements

Additional functions

  • Promt check for compliance with a control level
  • Store and presentation of gamma spectrum of current measurement
  • Continuous (searching) measurement mode


Detector type:
NaI(Tl), ø63х63 mm.
Measurement range of specific activity 137Cs:
40 – 10000 Bq/kg
Measurement range of dose equivalent rate of photon radiation:
0.005 – 10 uSV/h
(up to 1 Sv/h with additional built-in GM counter)
Limit of activity measurement intrinsic relative error:
activity of samples: ±20%
activity without sampling of a substance (in 2π- geometry): ±25%
ambient equivalent of dose rate of photon radiation: ±25%
Density range of measured substances:
0.1 – 2.0 kg/dm3
Sample volume:
0.5 and 1 l.
Energy range:
50 – 3000 keV
Energy resolution (FWHM) at 137Cs (662 keV):
8.5 – 11%
Number of ADC channels:
Setting time:
5 min.
Temperature range:
-10 – 40°C
Battery type R20/D 2 х 1.5 V
Dimensions (LWH), weight:
690 х 82 х 82 mm, 3 kg

Complete set

  • Control source based on 40K
  • Bag, shoulder strap
  • Battery R20/D – 2 pcs.
  • Operational documentation
  • Methodological documentation


  • Holder for vertical fixation
  • Marinelli beaker 1 l. – 2 pcs.
  • Modulation device
  • Additional GM counter