Alpha analysis software AlphaPRO

  • Программный комплекс AlphaPro


AlphaPRO ensures simultaneous and independent control of all the connected analysers and spectrometric devices, and provides all the necessary tools for applied spectrometry. It allows measuring and processing spectra, setting parameters of spectrometric tracts and determining all the relevant metrological characteristics.


The program AlphaPRO is the continuation of the program GammaPRO with some limitations, but focuses on the tasks of alpha spectrometry. AlphaPRO employs different algorithms for determining activity in samples (ROI-method with overdetermined matrix, individual peaks analysis method, superposition method). For the analysis of high resolution spectra (spectra received on semiconductor spectrometers) there separate tools (search peaks, Gaussian approximation, identification, plotting efficiency curves, etc.).


AlphaPRO has a multi-window, easily customisable interface and provides broad opportunities for work with spectra (mathematical operations, pack processing, application of specific algorithms, conversion and translation to other applications). Automation of routine measurements can be ensured using a bar-code system and counter samples change mechanisms.