Nuclide Master

  • Программный комплекс NuclideMaster


Nuclide Master software has been developed for getting information on radioactive decay parameters and creating user libraries.

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Radionuclides database

The database of decays parameters contains data for more than 3000 nuclides with their meta-stable states. The data from the following sources are included into installation package:

  • ENSDF-file (Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File) from the website of Brookhaven National Laboratory supplemented by data on X-Ray lines on the basis of TOI (table of isotopes).
  • LSRM data for U-235.
  • Data from Henri Becquerel laboratory (Data Decay Evaluation Project). Перейти >
  • The standard reference data, approved by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (certificate №273, October 31, 2013).
  • Joint Evaluated Fission and Fusion File (JEFF) data of Nuclear Energy Agency. Перейти >

Information about decays parameters contains:

  • half-life periods of radionuclides;
  • decays types;
  • levels energies;
  • conversion coefficients;
  • energies and intensities of gamma and alpha peaks;
  • energies and intensities of beta-transitions;
  • energies and intensities of X-ray lines, natural width for X-ray K-lines on the basis of TOI (table of isotopes).

Decay chains viewing

The software allows to:

  • view the decay chain for the selected nuclide;
  • view the conversion scheme for the decay selected in the chain;
  • display dynamically the change of nuclide activity according to its decay chain for the specified time interval;
  • calculate a nuclide activity according to its decay chain for arbitrary dates, including past dates.

Lines library creation

The software allows you to view alpha and gamma lines list and save them in text file in LSRM software package format.

Software service functions allow user to sort data by energy, intensity and so on, and exclude some data, e.g. lines with low intensity. The lines list can be formed with all nuclides in the decay chain of the parent nuclide.

The program provides the database search for lines close to the selected one. The search can be performed:

  • within the energy tolerance;
  • within the energy range;
  • among the lines of the current nuclide;
  • among all nuclides in the database;
  • among the lines of the nuclide and its daughter or parent nuclides according to the decay chain.