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SpectraLine software package has been developed for measurements and precision processing of linear spectra, typical for gamma- and alpha- spectrometry, and continuous beta-spectra. Spectra processing procedures include calibration, peak parameters determination, radionuclides identification, radionuclides activity estimation and activity calculation procedures by different methods.

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  • algorithms of peaks search and multiplets separation;
  • calibrations by energy, FWHM, peak pattern, detection efficiency, secondary peaks with quantitative and visual control;
  • calculation of the peak parameters (position, half-width, area), with storing the results in a text file;


  • different methods of activity calculation;
  • storing the measured spectra and results of processing in the database in order to repeated analyze for convergence in accordance with the given criteria (the quality estimation);
  • account for cascade summation effect, correction to high count rates and accidental summation


  • connection of an arbitrary number of measuring channels;
  • independent control, start, stop, spectra storage and visualization in all measuring channels;
  • additional stop conditions: on activity uncertainty values, peak area, peak area uncertainty, peak MDA, ROI integral count;


  • support of the most known formats of spectra (*.spc (SPC Aspect), *.chn, *.spc (Ortec), *.cnf (Canberra), *.mca (BSI, XIA), *.wsp (GBS, IAEA), *.ats (ATOMTEX), *.asc (IAEA), *.spm (extended LSRM);
  • algorithms of precision spectra processing taking into account the specifics of the spectrometers;
  • searching of informative intervals around peaks (spectra markup), peaks position determination (automatic peaks search, interactive mode and lines adding from a library);
  • approximation of informative intervals using model function and peaks parameters determination (fitting);
  • setting of spectra processing limits;
  • account for background;
  • an extended list of commands of the scenarios for realization of the complex schemes of measurement and processing of samples, spectrometer calibration, background measurement, nuclear analysis and other spectrometry tasks;
  • metrological parameters calculation under ISO 11929;
  • built-in editor for creation of the reports of various formats;
  • MDI GUI interface which is uniform for all SpectraLine programs: spectrum is displayed in a separate window with approximating function and processing results; the spectrum can be scaled, shifted; the scale and custom color palette can be changed.