Service center

Our company provides diagnostics, maintenance, support and repair of:

  • Gamma Radiation Monitors TIM601/602 (warranty and post-warranty);
  • Spectrometers based on semiconductor detectors made of silicon, high-purity germanium and cadmium-zinc-tellurium manufactured by Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ortec, Canberra and others;
  • Scintillation alpha-beta-gamma spectrometers and radiometers of various manufacturers;
  • Radiometers RKG, RUG, RUB, SRP of various modifications;
  • Dosimeters.

When sending the equipment for repair/maintenance, check the completeness in accordance with the technical documentation. If any components are missing, please contact us for consultation.

Our address :Nezavisimosti 95 ave, building 7, 220012 Minsk